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Minecraft PE 1.20.30

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The Minecraft 1.20.30 update for Android brings many improvements and new features, including a redesigned death screen, crawling, a revised recipe unlocking system and much more.

If you are a dedicated Minecraft player on mobile devices, then the update will be a real treat for you. The developers not only pay attention to fixing bugs, but also introduce new features, making the game even more exciting and interesting.

New screen of death

The first thing that catches your eye after the update is the new death screen. Now when your character dies, you will see the changes:

  • The camera zooms out to better see the cause of death.
  • The quick access inventory is displayed on the screen.
  • You can now switch between different elements of the screen interface.
  • The death screen can be easily enabled or disabled in the settings to suit your preferences.

You died


Another significant change is the improvement of the crawling function through a single block. This now works without the need to enable experimental settings. Crawling has become smoother and more comfortable, which adds new tactical options to the game.


Craft Recipes

The update also affects the crafting recipes system. You can now unlock recipes for sought after items and materials, which opens up new horizons for your creativity. Unlocking recipes is now part of the gameplay and allows you to create unique items.

Trade with the Librarian and Traveling Merchant

With this update, trading with mobs has become even more interesting. The Librarian offers the best enchantments in Minecraft, with the type and properties of enchantments depending on the biome in which the village is located. The wizard level offers unique and special enchantments, but obtaining them requires effort and exploration of different biomes.

The traveling merchant, on the other hand, offers more items at more affordable prices. You can now purchase more items and resources from this enchanted merchant.

Vanilla Parity

The update also includes many bug fixes and changes to achieve equality between the Bedrock and Java versions. This is an important step to ensure a consistent gaming experience across all platforms.

Changes and fixes

The developers have made a number of other changes and fixes, improving the quality of the game and fixing bugs.

Technical changes
178 technical changes have been added for addon developers and testers, giving them more tools and opportunities to create unique addons and modifications.

Minimum Requirements

Finally, don't forget about the minimum requirements for your devices. By February 2024, to enjoy the game to the fullest, your device must meet the following:

  • For Apple devices: iOS 13 and above.
  • For Android devices: Android 8 and above, OpenGL ES 3.0 support, and a minimum of 1GB of RAM.

The Minecraft PE update brings many improvements and new features, making the game world even more exciting and diverse. Install the update and go on new adventures in this amazing sandbox!


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