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Minecraft Beta Главные нововведения:

  • Experimental: 40
  • Vanilla Priority: 4
  • Changes: 11
  • Errors: 33

From original source


Added features. Details:

  • Bamboo blocks now burn correctly
  • Shards of miner's pot can now be found when clearing suspicious sand in the desert pyramids with a brush


  • Added three effects: "Unbreakable", "Repair" and "Curse of Loss".
  • Suspicious blocks tooltip is displayed on touch devices when hovered
  • Cleaning non-suspicious blocks plays the normal cleaning sound
  • This item loses its strength when cleaned, however, there is no loss of strength when broken
  • Fixed an issue with clicks when clearing

Hanging Sign

  • The number of symbols on the plates has been reduced
  • Increased font size
  • Crimson, Bamboo and Distorted make their own sounds
  • The text input background corresponds to the appearance of wood
  • As part of the fixes, problems with shaking arrows caught in the hanging plates were fixed, and the volume of the sound of the plates was also increased.

Cherry Grove

  • Fixed invisible grass
  • Dandelions will no longer appear

Changes to Experimental mode


Changes have been made. Details:

  • The death screen has been updated.
  • The "Delete world" button now describes the world
  • The text splash screen is flashing at the meinkraft logo
  • Sniffer is available without switching experimental mode
  • Updated world loading bar

Vanilla Parity

Added up to 4 new changes. Details:

  • Iron grating and Glass panels are now connected to Pistons
  • The dead bush can now be placed on blocks of grass and moss
  • The color of the Terracotta blocks now corresponds to the Java version
  • The forest mansion uses stone slabs made of cobblestones

Vanilla Parity


Fixed important bugs that were interfering with the game. Details:

  • Fixed Camel's animation
  • Fixed invisible Pistons
  • Removed damage when falling into water at high speed
  • Gast shoots through the mouth instead of the eye
  • The superfluous boiler with identifier lava_cauldron was removed
  • Fixed interface where there were errors and bugs

bugs and fixes


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