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Minecraft Beta Main innovations:

  • Vibrations
  • Changes: 4
  • Errors: 5

Developers continue to supplement the promised innovations in Minecraft 1.20.


The developers simplified the vibration frequencies with the addition of the Calibrated Scalp Sensor. Below is a list of these frequencies and their corresponding events:

  • Moving in any medium (earth, liquid or air)
  • Planting on any surface (dry or liquid)
  • Interactions with elements
  • Sliding with elytra or unique mob actions (Desolator roar, Wolf shake, etc.)
  • Equipping with equipment
  • Crowd Interaction
  • Mobs and players get damaged
  • Items consumed (food and drink)
  • "Deactivation" blocks (closing the door, closing the chest of drawers, pressing the button, etc.)
  • "Activation" blocks (opening the door, opening the chest, pressing the button, etc.)
  • Changing blocks (raising the water level in the boiler, adding food to the fire, etc.)
  • Destroyable blocks
  • Placed blocks
  • Emergence of mobs and players
  • Death of mobs and players or an explosion



  • The "Major update" switch has been removed
  • Inventory tabs are voiced
  • The plate can be attached to another without the need to sneak up
  • A calibrated acoustic sensor has the following properties:
    • when turned on, it activates the block located under it;
    • recharge after activation is reduced to 1 second;
    • the sensor detects vibrations at a distance of up to 16 blocks, instead of 8;
    • and the vibration detection system has also been simplified for more error-free operation.


  • Doors open/close properly
  • Fixed Sniffer's head
  • Fixed bugs in API
  • Fixed a bug with the skin editor
  • Suspicious sand and gravel produce the right sounds

Исправления ошибок


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